#30DayMusicChallenge Day 18 : A Song That I Wish I Heard On The Radio

I don’t feel well and I’m not in a good mood right now so i’ll make this post short. I’m sorry for not keeping my promise to post daily on my blog because (why there’s always because….) believe it or not, writing everyday in the midst of juggling between work and college assignment could be tiresome. I want to be cheerful in every post that I wrote here but I just can’t. plus I’m not generally a joyful person. it is easier to write poems or story about my inner turmoil rather than an entertaining and humorous post. I know it doesn’t have to be funny but……yeah…..the point is, I want to apologize to you guys and to myself for giving same excuses from time to time and not being able to keep my commitment. but I will try to finish this challenge to the end.

well……the song I wish I heard on the radio…

first thing’s first, I’m hoping that in the future, radio station won’t cease to exist (Amen to that…) and also, widen their music exposure to sidestream scene. nowadays there are probably just a handful radio station that broadcast indie music to their listeners because mainstream music is what people demand. In my opinion, our indie scene (Indonesia in this case) has a lot of potential in terms of originality and creativity. some of it was catchy too. band such as Payung Teduh for example.

I think their music (including the previous mentioned aspects of originality and creativity) is good enough to be granted more coverage from mainstream media. their live shows are always full with their fans and curious people alike.

so…that’s my opinion. what about yours? what song you wish you heard on the radio? share in the comment 😀


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