Those Days When I Miss You The Most


days when laughs or cries don’t matter.
when the skies pour what’s inside of it,
without knowing if the ground can withstand it.
the fog sticks on the window and
the vapor of my tea permeates into my mind, uninvited.
while wondering how’re you doing in this kind of weather.

days when the noisy crowd is more silent than the silence itself.
when the road home feels longer than ever, the city lights dimmed.
my conciousness severed from my body.
thinking about how tired you are from your daily life,
and how you even keep going strong.

but the days when i miss you the most,
are the days when i couldn’t do anything to be there by your side.
days when i thought would you even need me by your side.
days when i’m dying to be there, despite of all my doubt inside.
by your side



  1. leonnadenisa · June 1, 2014

    my feel today:)

  2. lindashafira · June 1, 2014

    Reblogged this on firalinda.

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