Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface

Is there ever really a right time?
You had lead me to believe
Someday you’d be there for me

When the stars above aligned
When you weren’t so consumed
I kept looking for the clues

So I waited in the shadows of my heart
And still the time was never right
A shell of what things could have been
Tired bones beneath the veil
Of guarded secrets, all to frail

Sad to think I never knew
You were searching for the words
For the moment to emerge

Yet the moment never came
You couldn’t risk my fragile frame
I would scream just to be heard
As if yelling at the stars
I was bleeding just to feel

You would never say a word
Kept me reaching in the dark
Always something to conceal

Until one day I stopped caring
And began to forget why I longed to be so close
And I disappeared into the darkness
And the darkness turned to pain
And never went away
Until all that remained was buried
Deep beneath the surface

Beneath the surface.


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