The Toy and The Ivy

You make it sounds as if i care at all. you make a deal if i can kill what i want. All around, i see the signs. They say i’m cold. All about the things i’m not anymore.

“Keep holding on”,
you said to me.
I’ll breathe out all my sin

Percentile of relevance

You see the lightning strike the ground, and hear the storm roll down the hill. You test the wall of the fortress and smile and like it’s nothing to fear.

You take my breath away
My eyes are not hurt from the glare
and you take my pain away
I’m at the moment of truth

You hurt me,
Ignored me,
You write it down; forget
Those are your good memories

You see the night is coming down
and hear the stars will sing for us
You touch the ivy on the wall
You smile like you’d never come back

There’s not much to say. She’s saving the world inside my head. Once again, Hello to everyone. She’s saving today, Inside my head.

“I’m breaking like a toy.
Like I was one of them.
I make it like I should, like I was meant to be.
I’m walking like a man.”

When i turn around, there I saw the whole thing burning down. But no one ever reach out to help.

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