Me Gusta is a rage comic face that is typically used to respond to an awkward or disgusting event with “Me Gusta,” which means “it pleases me” in Spanish (often understood as “I like it” in English). It was originally only used in sexually perverse contexts, but has broadened over time to include a more general disturbing enjoyment.



  1. Fledermaus · December 21, 2011

    MOTHER OF GOD !! Someone’s posting about “Me Gusta” Meme !!
    ME GUSTA !!

  2. Fledermaus · December 22, 2011


  3. behemoth · December 22, 2011

    sarimie isi gusta 😀

    • diffaimajid · December 22, 2011

      Indonesian detected B-)
      ayting FC? hahaha

  4. Fledermaus · January 4, 2012

    imagine when you’re working then ayting come and grab your hand. and she’s starting to sing “DUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

    • diffaimajid · January 5, 2012

      Then i have no more regrets living in this world. i’ll go straight to heaven. hahahahaha

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